Our Studios.

Studio 1 -

Loft Studio.

With the "Los Angeles" character and plenty of daylight, our "Loftstudio" offers a perfect basis for your creative work on an area of ​​approx. 400m². Especially suitable for large productions.

Studio 2 -

Soho Studio.

The artistic and modern look of “Soho Studio” puts you in the trendiest part of New York - Soho. We offer you the perfect space for your visual ideas on two floors.

Studio 3 -

All White.

The modern and unusual design of the light-flooded "All White" studio enables the best results for high-quality productions on 270m² of studio space.

Studio 4 -

Small Studio.

The approx. 140 m² "Small Studio" offers plenty of space for creative play thanks to its industrial charm and modern furniture. This studio is particularly suitable for smaller productions.

External -

Bazzar roastery.

The external coffee roastery "Bazzar" can be rented not only for events, but also for photo shoots. For booking inquiries send an email to: info@bazzar.de.

Updates -

What's new?

Always up to date - Here you will find all the news about our studios, such as new equipment, studio highlights or exciting background stories.